Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Wisconsin's War On Unions!" ( the New ) "What Now Cartoon"

Here's some of the highlights from Republican Governor Scott Walker's plan to cut the right for public employees to have collective bargaining, and if they don't like it, he's put the national guard on alert  :
COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. Make various changes to limit collective bargaining for most public employees to wages. Total wage increases could not exceed a cap based on the CPI unless approved by referendum. Contracts would be limited to one year and wages would be frozen until a new contract is settled. Collective bargaining units are required to take annual votes to maintain certification as a union. Employers would be prohibited from collecting union dues and members of collective bargaining units would not be required to pay dues. Changes effective upon expiration of existing contracts. Law enforcement, fire employees and state troopers and inspectors would be exempt from the changes.
STATE EMPLOYEE ABSENCES AND OTHER WORK ACTIONS. Authorizes appointing agencies to terminate any employees that are absent for three days without approval of the employer or any employees participating in an organized action to stop or slow work if the governor has declared a state of emergency.
QUALITY HEALTH CARE AUTHORITY. Repeals the authority of home health care workers under the Medicaid program to collectively bargain.
CHILD CARE LABOR RELATIONS. Repeals the authority of family child care workers to collectively bargain with the state.
UW HOSPITALS AND CLINICS BOARD AND AUTHORITY. Repeals collective bargaining for UWHC employees. State positions currently employed by the UWHC are eliminated and incumbents are transferred to the UWHC Authority.
UW FACULTY AND ACADEMIC STAFF. Repeals authority of UW faculty and academic staff to collectively bargain.
Authorizes DOA to sell state heating plants, with the net proceeds deposited in the budget stabilization fund.
PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS. Require that employees of WRS employers and the City and County of Milwaukee contribute 50% of the annual pension payment. The payment amount for WRS employees is estimated to be 5.8% of salary in 2011.
HEALTH INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS. Requires state employees to pay at least 12.6% of the average cost of annual premiums.


  1. Little did those little ladies know that they would be ushering in Communism. As for the sister in the video, little did she know that singing for the union label meant diminishing her the liberty and freedom for which her ancestors (our ancestors) fought and died.

  2. Unions, Ushering in Communism?!!! I take it that you represent the Idea that labor has no say and if an employer sets a price for a job, then that's it, a real my way or the highway kind of thinking. Hitler didn't like unions either, he called them communists too!